100 Year Celebration


Filer Mennonite 8x12

Our celebration on July 19-20, 2014 was a great success as we praised God for 100 years of faithfulness.


John Sharp, a member of the History and Bible and Ministry faculty of Hesston College of Hesston KS.

Schedule of Events

Saturday July 19 – Twin Falls Fair Grounds in Filer Idaho

5:00pm – Festivities begin
6:00pm – Barbeque

Sunday, July 20 – Filer Mennonite Church

9:00am – Coffee and donuts
10:00am – Worship service
12:00 noon – Lunch
1:30pm – Singspiration

History of Filer Mennonite Church

A book describing the history of Filer Mennonite Church has been produced. Copies of this history are available for $15 plus the cost of shipping. Click here to request a copy of the book.

For information about our 100 year celebration contact us here.