About us

Filer Mennonite Church has a rich history of almost 100 years.  It was started by a group of Mennonites who were farmers in Idaho’s fertile Magic Valley.  It is unknown where the founding members came from, but today members can trace their roots back to Pennsylvania, Kansas, Iowa, and Nebraska. The church organized in 1914 with 22 members.

The church has always believed in reaching out to their community, through hospital and nursing home visitation and bible schools.  It sponsored 2-week long summer Bible schools (4 years old through Grade 8 ) in Filer, Berger, Three Creek (Hollister), Roseworth and Mt. Rock Community (Twin Falls South). The church strongly believed (and still believes) in teaching the Bible to children, giving them a “foundation for life.”

In the 1980’s, it began involvement with Ten Thousand Villages hosting an International Gift Sale for fair trade items.  It also supports and contributes hand-made articles to The Idaho Mennonite World Relief Sale that raises money for missions around the world.  The church is also active in Mennonite Disaster Services, that responds to domestic natural disasters ministering to people of different beliefs.

Today all members are involved in the ministry of the church along with a pastor.  The pastor and the church are involved in the Filer Ministerial Association, helping with Christmas food baskets and toys for children. Individuals in the church are involved in homeless shelters, prison ministries, crisis pregnancy centers, after school programs.

FMC is a microcosm of the Mennonite church around the world. It believes in the Confession of Faith and gathers on a regular basis in fellowship, worship, service, and witness.  The members of the church are faithful disciples who reach out to their community and around the world.